Review by "Tracker"
Playing Day With David Sanger - 27 June 1998

Now in its eleventh year, this event remains as popular as ever. This year there were two new members joining the team of players. These were Claire Mingins and Marjorie Harrison, with Samuel Carradice, Anne Emmett and two old-timers, Chris Price and Colin Rae.

Claire gave a clinically (she's a doctor!) accurate and clear performance of a Bach Trio Sonata movement which gained the enviable comment from David that she played "quite well" - an accolade not usually bestowed on the efforts of our members. David then demonstrated how a Bach Trio Sonata should not only be a sequence of notes but should also "talk musically" to the listener. Marjorie, (who is organist at Silloth Parish Church), played Percy Whitlock's setting of Gibbons' Song 13. I hope we listen to Marjorie again next year. Anne played Boellman's Priere from the Gothic Suite. My impression was that her performance was most musical in the sense that the composer was "talking" to us all. Sam Carradice played quite a difficult piece by Kellner (a pupil of J S Bach). His performance suffered slightly with nerves but it was nevertheless obvious that Sam can play this piece really well. Chris played Frank's Fantasie, and as a result enjoyed the best music lesson of the evening. Our Chairman indulged in his usual fantasies by choosing (rather against David's advice) Bach's St. Anne Prelude with the misguided intention of rounding off the proceedings with a spell binding display of virtuosity. David however reached the limits of his powers of endurance by page 2, proceeding to catalogue the many shortcomings and then completing the performance himself, thus providing the most fitting conclusion to the evening.

Again refreshments were liberally supplied in the afternoon and evening by Susan Coulthard, Anne Emmett, Colin Rae and others. We were all sorry to know of Mrs Sanger's illness and of her death not long after. A number of us were able to attend her funeral. An article and pictures of the event appeared in the November IAO News, this being the first time the CSO has featured in it.

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