Members' Recital Day at Greyfriar's Church, Dumfries
Saturday 4th September 1999

Review by Tracker

Following our offer to encourage activity north of the Border, Donald Ross kindly offered to seek out local organists to join with CSO members to provide a members' recital.

Despite the central location of Greyfriars, the audience was somewhat sparse as was the response from the local organist community. Two ladies, who one suspected as organists, rose to their feet during the performance to make the tea, which left three in the audience. Despite being hardened by years of dashed hopes, Donald produced a most interesting and varied programme from four players. These were Alastair McEwan, resident organist, who made us most welcome, Stephen Crosbie from Dumfries, Richard Brooks from Dalston and Clare Mingins from Penrith. The instrument is a Wyvem 3 manual electronic with an English specification, determined by the previous organist. The organ produced sounds which suited some pieces but not others. Of the four players only Clare was a CSO member but Stephen has been in the past, and is organist at Kirkcudbright Parish Church. Alastair has subsequently revoiced some of the stops and has produced a considerable improvement.

During the interval Donald supplied us with an excellent tea at his own expense and we were all very grateful to him, both for the tea and the rather frustrating task of finding players. Originally, we thought that if the CSO provided two players then there would be four local organists. CSO members in the audience were Colin Rae, Ron Craig and John Day. Despite the meagre response, Donald is still keen to arrange an event in September 2000.

The programme was as follows:

Alastair McEwan Prelude in G minor
Improvisation on a Traditional Air
Variations on King Jesus has a Garden
D Buxtehude

F Peters
Stephen Crosbie Alla Marcia
Four movements from Melodic Improvisations
Trumpet Tune
John Ireland
Dorothy Hamilton
John Stanley
Richard Brooks Two movements for Musical Clock
Two movements for Musical Clock
Voluntary in D
Air and Gavotte
G F Handel
J Haydn
L Marchand
W Boyce
S Wesley
Clare Mingins Choral Prelude on Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott
Prelude and Fugue in G, BuxWV 162
Trio Sonata E minor
Allegro Maestoso from 3rd Symphony
J Pachelbel
D Buxtehude
J S Bach
L Vierne

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