Concert at Ulverston Parish Church
by the Parish Choir under the direction of Colin Dean ARCO GTCL
23rd February 2000

The general standard of parish choirs is now so low that one could be excused having some misgivings in going to a concert by a parish choir. Such possible misgivings were very quickly dispelled at Ulverston Parish Church because of the professional way they stood up and assembled facing the audience even before they sang. The singing was excellent from all points of view including intonation, attack, unanimity, diction and feeling. The choir must be exceptional in being able to field 6 basses and tenors, five altos and thirteen children including one very rare species - a choirboy!

The singing was impeccably accompanied and directed by Colin from the organ. It was a pleasant change not to have someone waving hands in front of the choir. Colin's solo items were also of a high standard. The pieces were eminently suited to the parish choir because they were relatively easy to learn. However to prepare fifteen such anthems must have taken no little time. That there were so many children singing added yet another dimension to the enjoyment of the concert - a fact which is a tribute to Colin's skill and devotion.

There were about 75 in the audience so the CSO benefited by £90 after expenses. In his vote of thanks the chairman expressed a tribute to the excellence of the choir and his thanks to Colin were accompanied by a spontaneous applause by the audience. This was definitely a concert to remember.

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