Survey of Communion Settings by Jeremy Suter
19th November 2005
Review by Tracker

This event was suggested by most of us who use one particular setting and wish to be acquainted with alternatives which Jeremy supplied in abundance, some 30 in all, with photocopies available for all the 25 members attending. Jeremy supplied a critique of each one and accompanied on the piano our attempts to sing parts of each setting. This kept us going for two hours.

It was obvious that the preparation of the event involved a great deal of labour for Jeremy. Publishers had to be contacted to obtain copies and their permission for copying. It took Jeremy most of the previous day photocopying 1577 sheets and stapling ready for rapid handling at the event. There were other settings available for inspection and some also for sale. It could have been an all-day event. Those who took notes gained more from this event because they could send for their preferred settings for further study. Those who relied on memory were at a disadvantage. The publishers require all copies to be destroyed after such events. It would have been a considerable enhancement if the copies, having been impounded, could have been available for a further opportunity to browse with the experience of singing them as a basis for further study.

I am sure all members present very much appreciated Jeremy's generosity of his labour and expertise. The Chairman concluded with thanks to Andrew Seivewright for hosting the event, to Joan Acheson for the delightful refreshments and to Grasmere Church. CSO members welcomed those who were also RSCM members.

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