Visit to Organs in Carlisle
9th September 2006
Review by Tracker

Because there are four organs (apart from the Cathedral) that are worth visiting in Carlisle, it would have been undesirable to omit any of the four from our visit on 9th September, especially as three have CSO members as their organists and the fourth (St. Michael's, Stanwix) is an organ very much worth visiting.

The order in which these organs were visited was St. Aidan's (originally a 2 manual Harrison, rebuilt as a botch job in 1976), Our Lady and St. Joseph's RC church (a 3 manual by Corkhill recently replacing a previous organ), St. Cuthbert's (3 manual Normal and Beard 1903, rebuilt and electrified by Compton in 1932) and finally St. Michael's (Forster and Andres 3 manual tracker, unaltered from 1901 with the exception of the Swell 8' Oboe extended to 16' Contra Oboe.) The rather hectic afternoon schedule was helped by three members acting as taxi drivers.

Because there are relatively few CSO members in the Carlisle area, Carlisle events are not expected to produce many participants, but on this occasion there were 13 of us with one member coming from Lancaster. Some members were visiting one or two of these organs for a second time, a situation demonstrating that quality instruments attract repeat visits over a period of some years.

Hopefully, this event and the 28th October Playing Day at Embleton may dispel the gloom resulting from previous cancellations.

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