Cartmel Marathon
9 August 2008
Review by Anne Emmett

The Marathon (on 9th August) was held on the Saturday that the heavens opened and incessant rain lasted most of the day. The Organists arriving at Cartmel Priory to take part in the Marathon were rather wet but with the help of a 'cuppa' soon absorbed the atmosphere of the Priory.

The music we heard was varied, and so musically it was a very interesting and enjoyable day.

We were delighted that our President, Canon David Baxter and his wife Brenda stayed with us for most of the day. The Marathon is always a great social occasion and at one time there were eight organists assembled to listen to the music and catch up with the news.

Our thanks are due to Chizzer Childs, Madge Leeming, Ian Pattinson, Chris Price, Sam Hicks, Ron Craig, Mark Hazzard and David Shingler for playing. Their efforts realised the sum of £133.57 for the Organists Benevolent Fund.

Many thanks to the Stewards who gave a warm welcome to the visitors. Last but most importantly to Father Robert, Adrian and the PCC for allowing us to hold this event in their beautiful church, it was a most successful occasion.

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