Playing Day with David Sanger
18 October 2008
Review by Tracker

There were five players offering their services without the usual 'persuasion'. These were Mark Hazzard (aged 16, acting organist of Cockermouth URC), Doug Scott, Brenda Baxter, Sam Hicks and Samuel Carradice. Doug had to withdraw at short notice because of family reasons. To restore the number to five, the chairman was resurrected from retirement and he took advantage of David's agreement to players introducing their pieces to deliver a lecture on "the categorisation of Bach fugues" mugged up from a book someone gave him.

As usual the players did their best under David's scrutiny. Mark received much encouragement from David and he presented himself in his best recital attire. David subsequently mentioned that one or two players with a somewhat more professional standard would make a better mix for the event. It is inevitable that players are in the process of learning their pieces when they play, so it might enhance the event if those intending to play could prepare over a longer period with occasional help from our professional CSO members. Jeremy Suter kindly offered to assist but, for various reasons, was only taken up too near the event by one player.

As always it was one of our CSO social events with David as main host. Our President, David Baxter, gave the vote of thanks followed by the usual refreshments, during which one member asked for a guarantee from one supplier of home-made produce! The number at the event was lower than usual being 14 adults and 2 students.

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