Cumbrian Society of Organists

Review : President's Evening : 24 March 2023

Five members attended the annual event at Carlisle Cathedral on Friday 24 March with the boys and lay clerks directed by Mark Duthie, accompanied by Edward Taylor. Mark had prepared sufficient coffee, tea and (very fine) biscuits for several times the actual number of attendees, and presented a masterly performance of Bach’s B minor prelude before handing over. Having worked out which stops are not currently functioning, and sadly there are quite a few, our programme included (among others) Hollins’ Trumpet Minuet, Rhienberger’s magnificent passacaglia from Sonata No.8, Hindermith (?), Howells’ Master Tallis’s Testament and Rowley’s Benedictus No.1. Many thanks go as always to Mark for allowing us to visit, for his valued advice on registration, and forbearance of less experienced players!

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Cathedral of Holy Trinity, Carlisle